Budapest and countryside

Explore Budapest

The private bus tour starts from a scenic spot of the city, par ex from the top of Gellért Hill. Here, your knowledgeable guide points out the landmarks, and tells the history of Budapest. Proceed to the historic core of Buda, seat of the first kings and the story continues. Entrance to Mathias (Coronation) Church, to Fishermen’s Bastion, coffee break in an evocative coffee shop. Cross the Danube River through one of the spectacular bridges, Chain Bridge or Margaret Bridge or Elisabeth Bridge to the Pest side. The Parliament, Szabadság Square, St.Stephen”s Basilica, Andrássy Avenue, Opera House, Heros’Square with the millenary monuments and the Art Hall. Vajdahunyad Castle. End of the tour at app. 2:00 PM.
Free time until dinner.
Wine tasting party in a family run wine cellar in the outskirts, Budafok famous for its century old wine cellars. Know the story of a nowadays entrepreneur wine- growing family. After visiting the 200 year old cellar (part of the 25 kms long cave system), homemade food, 7 sorts of excellent wines will be presented by the host and hostess. 
On the way back Budapest by Night program. Visiting a couple of heights to enjoy the night panorama.  

Visit to a renowned museum of Budapest

Fine Arts Museum (Old Masters Gallery with vast Spanish, Dutch, Italian collections); National Gallery (comprehensive collection of Hungarian painting and sculpture 18th-20th centuries); Budapest History Museum (revealed constructions of the medieval royal palace); Agricultural Museum in the baroque palace of Vajdahunyad Castle complex; Ethnography Museum in the neo-Renaissance palace of the former Appeals Court; Franz Liszt Memorial Museum in the old Academy of Music; Vasarely Museum in Óbuda (a generous picture collection of the father of op-art).

Tour of the Opera House

The impressive, neo-Renaissance edifice reveals a sumptuous and richly decorated interior with valuable frescos, wood paneling, marble staircases. An imprompted opera recital can be a surprising enhancement for your party. 

Note: in the opera season from mid-September to mid-June we provide tickets for an opera performance.

Tour of the Great Synagogue in Dohány Street

It is Europe’s’ largest functioning synagogue built in Byzantine-Moorish style, with colored brick, decorated with ceramics and two onion-domed towers resembling minarets. In the cemetery garden the interesting Weeping Willow Monument captures the eyes, a commemorating the Jews killed in the Second World War. The adjacent Jewish Museum is also included. 
Note: this tour can be part of a more comprehensive Jewish Interest Tour (ask for the complete program). 

Sightseeing tours day and night on the River Danube

The daylight tours include a stopover in the recreation park of Budapest, on Margaret Island. The night boat trips offer an unforgettable sound and light parade on the river. Served drinks. 

Explore the Roman vestiges in and around Budapest

The Roman Empire conquered the region of Transdanubia and founded Aquincum as the seat of the province. A commented tour leads the visitors to the prominent places of the Roman era. Remarkable are the two amphitheaters, the field of ruins along with an inside museum of Aquincum. 

Pub tours

Discover the amazing diversity of the metropolitan’s night life, the night clubs, jazz and rock cafés, discos. Night tour to the Soho of Budapest in and around Zrínyi Street. We can update you of the character and program of the current musical entertainments. Meals served at any time of the day. Ask for details. 

Half and full day countryside excursions (Tour Descriptions on request) 

  • to Szentendre
  • to Gödöllő Royal Mansion (combinable with Eger)
  • to the Danube Bend (Szentendre-Visegrád-Esztergom)
  • to Kecskemét and the Great Plain
  • to Eger and the surrounding wine region
  • to Hollókő ethnic village (combinable with Gödöllő Royal Mansion)
  • and more